Fred Soward

President of Allstate Interiors NY

Fred Soward

About Fred Soward

Starting out as a drywall finisher, Fred Soward paid attention to the people he worked with at Allstate Interiors NY, so he could learn how to better execute his tasks and ply his trade. Over the next several years, he gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, eventually earning the complete trust of his colleagues and co-workers. When the time came for the original owner of the company to retire, Fred felt capable of taking over, and he was able to purchase the business.

From that point onward, Fred set to work expanding the business. One of the first big decisions he made was to move the company into flooring and gypsum construction. Simultaneously, he focused on making connections with other professionals in the field, which led directly to more clients and projects for the company. His hard work and diligence, as well as his careful selection of project foremen and other key employees, has enhanced the reputation of Allstate Interiors NY and solidified its position in the industry over the years. More than two decades later, Fred Soward is now the President of the company, still using his expertise and networking skills to increase its business.

Fred Soward

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